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Last week, I announced that we were finally starting up a publication for Publishing Well. It was a long time coming, and I’m thrilled to finally get things started. I’ve been thinking about this for over a year, and I spent the last few weeks outlining my vision for the publication. Or at least what I thought my vision was.

To those who missed it, here is the original announcement:

I received some great feedback, both publicly and privately. To everyone who reached out, thank you very much. …

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Technically, I’ve been on Medium since sometime in 2013. And while I published a few random posts over the last several years, I’ve never been a very active user. Sure, I’ve stumbled upon some stories and scrolled through a few feeds and related articles, but I’ve never been consistent.

I never really gave Medium a real chance after those first few weeks. Now, I’m going to change that. I spent the last few weeks doing some research and coming up with a plan for how I am going to get started on Medium. Again.

Medium has gone through a number…

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When people hear the term “startup,” they tend to think of tech giants and social networks that began as an idea in a garage or a dorm room and turned into multi-billion dollar companies. While those are the dream success stories, the reality is that there are thousands of startups being created each year.

About 90% of them fail.

And while that number sounds ominous, only 10% fail within the first year. During that time, startups typically raise large sums of money, adapt and evolve multiple times, and look like a different company by the time they succeed or fail.

The Philadelphia Eagles travel to Atlanta to take on the Falcons in Week 1, and both teams released their official list of inactive players 90 minutes before the game. For the Eagles, there weren’t really any surprises.

Eagles Week 1 Inactives

  • For the Eagles, the biggest absence will be Rodney McLeod’s. He is going to be their starting safety on defense to pair with Anthony Harris as soon as he is back healthy, and the Eagles will likely lean on Marcus Epps and/or K’Von Wallace with McLeod out for Week 1.
  • Davion Taylor was listed as questionable but was always likely to miss…

Here are some of the top stories surrounding the Atlanta Falcons.

Matt Ryan never considered leaving Falcons for fresh start

In a recent interview with Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, Ryan said he loves playing for the Falcons and wants to remain with the franchise “for a long time.”

“It never crossed my mind,” Ryan said. “I mean, I know that there’s been lots of that in the NFL right now. A lot of people, specifically at the quarterback position, moving in different directions. And everybody’s situation is unique. For me, I never wanted to do that. I love being here. I love being a part of this organization…

HOWIE ROSEMAN: Hey, guys, nice to see all of you. We talk about today being one of the hardest days of the year. Really appreciate all the contributions to all the players that started here on our 90-man roster.

When we think about our roster going into the season, we talk about two parts. We talk about the 70-man roster that we have with our practice squad guys, our 16 guys and our international player, [DE] Matt Leo, and then the 53 guys.

We’ve got a lot of work to do here in the next 24 hours to put all…

The Philadelphia Eagles announced an initial wave of roster cuts ahead of Tuesday’s deadline. TE Cary Angeline, DE JaQuan Bailey, RB Elijah Holyfield, WR Marken Michel, and LB Rashad Smith have all been waived.

The deadline for teams to finalize their initial 53-man rosters is Tuesday, August 31 at 4:00 PM ET. These moves bring the Eagles’ roster down to 75 players, meaning they still have 22 more spots to clear before Tuesday’s deadline.

None of the above names is particularly surprising. There will no doubt be a few surprises in the next 48 hours, especially with some expected…

Trade! NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport broke the news on Saturday morning that the Philadelphia Eagles have acquired quarterback Gardner Minshew from the Jacksonville Jaguars in exchange for a conditional sixth-round draft pick. The sixth-round pick becomes a fifth-rounder if Minshew plays 50% of the team’s snaps in three games in 2021.

The team also released quarterback Nick Mullens.

Why make this move?

Prior to the trade, the Eagles had three quarterbacks on their roster: Jalen Hurts, Joe Flacco, and Nick Mullens. Hurts is the starter, Flacco is the aging veteran backup who may very well be playing his final season, and Mullens is…bad…

A tie! Preseason doesn’t matter, of course, but the Eagles ended up with a tie instead of cruising to a victory. This was not an overly encouraging preseason for Eagles fans, though it is worth noting that most of the starters didn’t play very much in any of the games. These were mostly reserves and roster bubble players. Still, this was another gross game, when all was said and done.

Michael Jacquet forced and recovered a fumble and returned it for a touchdown with under two minutes to go in the game. If he goes down or steps out of…

The Eagles traveled to North Jersey to play their third and final preseason game against the Jets on Friday. While it looked for a short period like the game may be canceled due to an issue with the MetLife Stadium turf, the issue was resolved and the game is being played as scheduled, albeit with a delayed start time. The game is now scheduled to kick off at 8pm ET.

As MetLife Stadium was pounded by heavy rain, the turf began bubbling and “pitching mounds” throughout the field. Players and officials from both teams checked out the field throughout the…

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